Training Courses Offered.

Ada Automotive offers various courses for the Automotive sector, workbooks are provided for each technician attending, hands on practicals around a working vehicle. Each course is certificated on completion.


Principles Of Electricity & Electrical Circuits 

This course covers Ohms Law / Watts Law 

Gives knowledge and understandings of diffrent circuits used in the automotive industry and calculations from the circuits.

Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits 

Relays & Transistors 

Resistance Calculations 


VCDS (VagCom) Diagnostics 

This course covers installing, Configuration and Updating including interface.

Navigation of Menu's

Live Data, Graphing, Recording 

Basic Settings / Adaptions 

Long Coding / Module Configuartions

Tips and tricks to get the most from the diagnostics.


         Understanding Sensors & Actuators

This Covers Sensors and Actuators found on modern vehicles. How they work, Testing procedures, Understanding wiring diagrams and pratical tests and signals generated. Candidates will be using multimeters, Oscilloscope, technical programs and diagnostics to assist.


   Vehicle Commiunication Systems

This course covers the understanding of commiuncation networks of a modern vehicle.Why these systems are required and how to test the signals being produced.

Can-Bus, LinBus, Most, Flexray, Ethernet.

Using test equipment from Multimeters and Oscillloscopes and Using Wiring diagrams.

             Pico Oscilloscope

Pico Technology can give you solutions for Internal Combustion Engines, Hybrid Technology and Electric Vehicle systems (and PicoScopes are used for diagnostics on all these vehicles). The course covers setup and configuration, connecting, waveforms and analysing signals, saving waveforms using the latest software.


Diesel Engine Management Systems.