The accelerated evolution of the automotive sector, with the inclusion of constant technical innovation, new technology, more and more complex systems and sophisticated electronic management systems, demand a lot from the garage in order to maintain professional competence.

The experience accumulated over the years, training the auto industry’s professionals on the most cutting-edge technology is our guarantee.


Since 2010, the year in which we began our training journey, we have continuously experienced considerable growth both in the development of educational material and in carrying out of training programmes.


we have edited and produced more than 20 courses (some of which have also been marketed in Portugal and Romania),  This has allowed us to train over 1000 students , in more than 200 courses which we have conducted on-site.


Since then Ada Automotive has continuosuly experienced considerable growth both in development of educational content with more than 50 themed courses and various training cars and by carrying out on-site training, this has allowed over 1000 professionals to benefit from the training concept.




New Pico 4425A Active Diagnostics

  • FAST SETUP with PicoBNC+ Probe recognition
  • Scope-powered PicoBNC+       (no more batteries)
  • Fast sampling and deep memory for intermittent faults
  • Future-proof with PicoBNC+
  • Compatible with PicoScope 6 and 7 software

Our Training Programmes

Diagnostics, Oscilloscope, Pressure Transducer, Noise, Vibration & Harshness 

Pico Scope

The PicoScope unit itself takes the readings from the probes and current clamps that are attached,
and converts them into signals for your PC to display.


accurate pressure gauge. It allows our automotive software to plot pressure against time, giving you
a unique insight into the dynamic operation of your customer’s engines, as well as other pressurized
vehicle components.


first cover the theory of NVH. Understanding NVH, the way it is detected, recorded, and resolved, is key in a successful diagnosis and repair.

The support material


Which the student follows through the lessons, is especially important as it contributes to strengthen the concepts with lesser effort required.


Ada Automotive provides each student with the necessary material for reaching this objective.